It is a must-have accompaniment to sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.


Premium Ebisu Keg Draft

638 yen (tax included)

Sapporo Black Label Draft

528 yen (tax included)

Sapporo Black Label medium bottle

638 yen (tax included)


Dewars Highball

528 yen (tax included)

Deywards White Label, a Scotch whisky with a smooth mouthfeel
Please try it with a highball.

Bourbon Highball

528 yen (tax included)

[Authentic shochu

Authentic sweet potato shochu

528 yen each (tax included)

Tomino houzan
Kurano shikon

Barley shochu

528 yen each (tax included)

Nikaido kicchomu
Bakkan nasakeshima


Nichinichi Okamoto-mura Yamadanishiki Junmai

968 yen (including tax)

Hibi Jozo is a new sake brewery born in Kyoto. The brewing team, led by the genius toji HIDEHIKO MATSUMOTO, has worked together with passion to brew this gem of a sake. It is a junmai with a modest ginjo aroma and a full-bodied mouthfeel made from rare Yamada-Nishiki from Okamoto Village, and you will never get tired of it. The original flavor of the rice has been luxuriously extracted.

Pine, bamboo, and plum

495 yen (including tax)

Dry sake with a refreshing taste. It is recommended to be heated.

Otokoyama Namaoto Junmai

638 yen (tax included)

Junmai-shu (pure rice sake) with a deep, mellow, dry taste, made using the traditional handmade sake brewing method called "kimoto zukuri".

Eikun Junmai Ginjo Koto Sennen

748 yen (tax included)

It is a junmai ginjo sake from the "Ancient Capital of Kyoto" series, named after the city with a long history. Unlike Junmai Daiginjos, this sake emphasizes a crisp mouthfeel and has a taste that is sharp and moderately spicy. It is a sake that draws out the characteristics of the celebrated rice and has a crisp, yet full taste and a good ginjo aroma.

Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Sake

748 yen (tax included)

This is Tengumai's signature product, synonymous with junmai sake and yamahai brewing. It is a unique junmai sake with a rich aroma and a harmonious acidity characteristic of yamahai brewing.
The dark wild golden yellow color is also pleasing to the eye.
Recommended temperature range: cold to hot. (Lukewarm and room temperature are especially recommended.)

Kubota, Senju

858 yen (including tax)

Aiming to be a "ginjo-shu to be enjoyed with meals," it has a mild aroma and a flavor that is not boring to drink. This ginjo-shu is soft on the palate and is suitable for drinking cold or warmed.

Hakkaisan Special Honjozo

858 yen (including tax)

This is a representative Hakkaisan sake that can be served cold or warmed. The subtle aroma of koji when heated is another enjoyment of this sake.


Various cocktails

495 yen (including tax)

Mojito, etc.

Soft drinks

Various soft drinks

319 yen (including tax)

Ginger ale
Real Gold
Orange juice
Grapefruit juice
Oolong tea
Green tea with gyokuro
Jasmine tea
Black Oolong Tea

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